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Vacations have not been a top priority this year for many families so what is better than now to take a vacation when kids are back in school and the rates are lower during the low peak. There are sightseeing tours in New York City that you can go on to see the history of New York.
Places to visit in New YorkNew York is a great place to visit, but do not rush through without going on some walking tours in New York City. Just in time for Halloween, everyone knows that The Big Apple is America’s most haunted city. See if New York can scare you when you check out some of their ghost tours. Check out famous haunted places and learn about the stories and legends behind these haunted places of New York. These ghost tours are great for any age. Their legends are combined with historical facts that really peak the interest of people all ages. You will learn about ghostly happenings, the paranormal and you may even participate in some!

What is nice about the selection of tours New York has is the options to go on a private walking tour for a more personal visit of the New York cities. These tours usually have up to six people on each tour. So you will not be at the back of a big bus where you cannot hear the guide talking. You will be right in with the group of mostly family and friends so it is easier to ask any questions; it is more personable. What better way to see New York, its famous places and the history behind each city.

How much time do you have to taste the food in New York? Where do you even start because there is just so much great tasting food and so little time! Well, New York City walking tour of food tasting is the perfect solution to that dilemma. New York offers food tasting from specialty food spots. You will taste different ethnic foods, not just pizza. You will be able to taste a bit of New York’s history and cultures while seeing the beauties of the New York cities. Again, it is not all about pizza, visit Chinatown and other places. These food-tasting tours will fill you up. Expect to eat a lot and taste the best of New York. And look out if you have a sweet tooth because New York has the best desert tours you can taste some of the finest chocolates and cakes around.

Sightseeing tours in New York City are great for visitors to learn about the history of this city and the walking tours in New York City are great, it is a small group for a more personable feel. Check out what New York is all about.

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